Mechanical Doorbells

Mechanical Doorbells: Bringing the Old Into the New.Mechanical doorbells got their start during the early Victorian era, and though we have moved on to more technologically advanced pieces, these charming bits of history still hold a place in the hearts of those with a fascination for old fashioned architectural accessories, and the people who like […]


Basic Door Alarms

When it comes to some simplistic protection for your home, you may want to consider the use of door alarms. Essentially, the purpose of the door alarm is to let you know when anyone passes through a given door. Often, door alarms are used in stores to let the proprietor know when someone has entered […]

3 Best Home Security Cameras

My Favorite Security Cameras for Catching Bad Guys Home security is slowly becoming one of the largest issues in the world. The crime rates in almost every part of the country is increasing or remain steady, but the number of burglaries is growing. In addition, we must mention the increased number of cases of home […]


DIY Alarm Systems

  Installing an alarm system yourself certainly can be done. You do not need to be a certified alarm technician to install your own burglar alarm system but it is highly recommended to use one. If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person and would like to install your own alarm-read on for a few […]